Takeshi's Castle

The Castle of Count Takeshi

Knowledge of the Count and his Castle

History – DC 10: Count Takeshi the Terrible was a minor lord of the Second Era. He was an evil and vile man, but few records of his legacy remained in the public eye.
Local – No information has been gleamed.
Nature – DC 15: A non-native, mountaineous moss covered the doorway to a burial mound that was erected to house loyal members of Takeshi’s court.

Knowledge of the Count’s Court

Within a burial mound, hidden away by magics that closed off the vaults of the catacomb as long as life pried at its doorway, the dead servants of dread Count Takeshi remained, entombed for the ages. But the tombraiders Daro, Shiro and Daisuke found the coffins and the recesses to be mostly empty, beyond loyal skeletal guardians. So the state of the following dead men and women under Takeshi is known, risen from their graves:

Only known as ‘an utmost loyal soldier, deserving of eternal rest’, the body of this nameless man or woman was the first to have been found by previous tomb raiders, dragging into their tomb a victim to be found to leave a warning.

Miyauchi Shizuo
A famed speaker for Takeshi, he spread his lord’s legacy in warning to his lord’s enemies. Shizuo’s voice would last within the halls of the dead; may he never be silent.

Ishikura Saburo
Saburo was the left hand of Takeshi, as well as his first advisor, dealing with manners within his castle. His insights gave his lord great leverage over the lands, both in life, as in death. May his wisdom never falter.

Higashi Sonomanma
Sonomanma served as a general in life, and later, as Takeshi’s right hand man. His business laid without the Castle, dealing with the living components of his lord’s army. May he serve in life as well as in death again – for he would never let his lord’s nation fall.

An otherwise nameless general of Takeshi, under his general Higashi. He was poor, and was without a future, but his brutality earned him Higashi’s patronage, and Takeshi’s respect. May his fire burn as bright as it did in life, again in death.

Resuri Bradu
A terrifying field commander under his generals. Takeshi promised him a position as a general in death. Now he’s dead. Now he’s gone. It is safe to assume, he may be a general now, if he’s undead.

Tankobo Kibaji
A field commander who struck foes in twain with but the least effort, leading the vanguard in the expansion efforts of his lord Takeshi. He wielded in life a blade now in the possession of Shiro. His body, however, remained interred in the tomb. A massive wall carving of him leading skeletal armies stood behind his sarcophagus.

Kobayashi Shozo the Strong
A brute of a man that earned his place leading his living soldiers in the swamps of yore. He was a huge brute, leaving but an emaciated corpse. His body remained interred in the tomb, as well. A massive wall carving of him bashing in a blue oni was found behind his sarcophagus.

Inagawa Junji
A scout and herald of the Count Takeshi, who gave warning to the lord’s foes. Those that he warned, he forebade to ruin their grave mounds – they would be spared. Those that committed bodily destruction of the buried – they would be mercilessly slaughtered by Junji and his own, and later raised by Takeshi.

Sakamoto Akira
A scout and herald of the Count Takeshi, he left magical marks on the gravesites of targets of opportunity. The wise would leave the foxfire marked locales. The fools that didn’t were personally raised by Akira to be offered to Takeshi.

Yanagisawa Shingo
A scout and herald of the Count Takeshi, he sought out places of life to despoil. With a small gathering of undead servants, he desecrated springs, vales full of life, and fertile vales.

Okada Umanosuke
A pirate that plied his trade on the waterways and rivers of the area, he was taken into Takeshi’s fold in life and promised wealth beyond measure. Life eternal would be his reward on lord Takeshi’s return.

Shimada Yousichi
A merchant that turned his life to banditry on the waterways. He served with Okada for great renown and great treasure.

Yaso Konishiki
A giant of a man that waged a one-man reign of terror against several swamp villages. He became under Takeshi a guided force of destruction, known to drown his foes. He would never have to fear the watery grave if he served his lord.

Takeshi's Castle

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