LN God of Cities, Law, Merchants and Wealth

Domains: Earth, Law, Nobility, Protection, Travel
Subdomains: Defense, Inevitability, Leadership, Martyrdom, Metal, Trade
Favoured weapon: Crossbow

Sacred Animal: Hawks
Symbol: Golden key
Centers of worship:

Abadar is well known throughout Golarion; in Daisokoku, however, he is known as the god of Walls and Ditches, symbolizing humanity’s penchant for transforming the land by simultaneously building upon it and taking away from it. That walls and ditches can aid greatly in the defense of a city is seen as common sense as much as it is the teaching of Abadaru.

The god of cities and merchants, Abadaru seeks to bring civilization to the frontiers of Golarion and wealth to all who support law. Most cities in Emperial Daisokoku have at least one temple or shrine to Abadaru, calling on him to protect their cities and citizens and bring wealth to their coffers. His greatest temple in all the Empire, and perhaps in all the world, is in the bustling city-state of Se’an. He is typically depicted in Daisokokun artwork as a handsome and clean-shaven Ryoushima man, carrying a golden crossbow in one hand and a trained hawk on the wrist of his other, and wearing golden robes that are muddy along the lowest edges.


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