N Goddess of Agriculture, Craftsmanship, Foxes, and Rice and its spirits.

Domains: Animals, Artifice, Community, Plants, Weather
Subdomains: Construct, Family, Fur, Growth, Home, Seasons
Favoured weapon: Flail

Sacred Animal: Foxes
Symbol: A white fox with nine tails
Centers of worship:

Daikitsu is widely worshiped in Daisokoku, as she is the goddess of rice, a staple food in those lands, as well as of agriculture and craftsmanship. Farmers pray to Daikitsu for good harvests, smiths and craftsmen seek her blessing for their creations, and families ask for her protection for their homes and families.

Known as the Lady of Foxes, Daikitsu usually appears as beautiful woman with snow-white skin and fur, and nine tails billowing behind her. She is also the patron of the mythical kitsune, and is seen as the mother of their race.


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