CG Goddess of Dreams, Journeys, Luck and Stars

Domains: Chaos, Good, Liberation, Luck, Travel
Subdomains: Curses, Exploration, Fate, Freedom, Revolution
Favoured weapon: Starknife

Sacred Animal: Butterflies
Symbol: A blue butterfly, with on its wings paired symbols of stars and sun and stars and moon
Centers of worship:

Desuna, called the Goddess of the North Star in Daisokoku, is the goddess of dreams, stars, and luck. Clouds of butterflies accompany her where she goes. Long ago, Desuna hung the stars in the sky and gifted mortals with the desire for mystery and travel.

Adventurers, scouts, travelers, and wanderers all venerate her, and gamblers and thieves look to her for luck in their endeavors. Desuna’s faith reaches across Golarion, and while she remains strongly associated with elves, among the humans of Daisokoku she is typically depicted as a beautiful, butterfly-winged woman.


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