Empress Shizeru

LG Goddess of Ancestors, Heroism, Honour, the Sun and Swordsplay

Domains: Glory, Good, Law, Repose, Sun
Subdomains: Ancestors, Archons, Day, Heroism, Honour, LIght
Favoured weapon: Katana

Sacred Animal: Carp
Symbol: Katana in front of a stylized sun
Centers of worship:

Shizuru is the Empress of Heaven, goddess of ancestors and the sun. She is also the goddess of honor and swordplay, and is the patron of samurai and other honorable swordfighters. Shizuru loves the moon god Tsukiyo, so much so that she returned him to life when he was slain by his brother Fumeiyoshi. The two lovers are rarely together, however, just as night and day are forever divided, but the two deities are able to rejoin, if only briefly, during rare solar eclipses—a sacred time for both faiths.

Shizuru’s worship is popular throughout the Empire, but her faith is strongest in Ryoushima, for the Emperors revered Shizuru as their divine ancestor as the first great hero. Shizuru is often depicted in art as a beautiful samurai woman, as a magnificent dragon with golden scales, or as both simultaneously.

Empress Shizeru

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