Goddess of Birth and Rebirth, Death, Fate and Prophecy

Domains: Death, Healing, Knowledge, Repose, Water
Subdomains: Ancestors, Ice, Memory, Resurrection, Souls, Thought
Favoured weapon: Dagger

Sacred Animal: Whippoorwills, swallows.
Symbol: A candle lit with a pale blue flame
Centers of worship:

Farasama is the goddess of birth, death, and fate, and it is she who judges all mortals when they die, when their souls pass through her Bleached Boneyard. Farasama is often called the Mother of Souls to honor her role as the giver of life and reaper of death. She appears as a graceful but older pale woman in dark, long robes, seated on a throne of bone perched atop her Bleached Boneyard.

Since the beginning of the First Age, Farasama’s Daisokokun worshipers have focused less on her role as the goddess of prophecy, and most of her adherents now come from the ranks of expectant mothers, midwives, undertakers, and those who grieve for the recently departed. Farasama despises undead creatures as abominations, and her worshipers seek to eradicate them whenever possible.

Among the domains and subdomains that are granted by Farasama are Death and Souls, but worshipers of Farasama who choose either of these adjust the granted domain spells
slightly. Those who choose the domain of Death replace animate dead with speak with dead, create undead with antilife shell, and create greater undead with symbol of death. Those who choose the Souls subdomain replace animate dead with speak with dead.


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