NE God of Dishonour, Envy, Graves and Undead

Domains: Death, Destruction, Evil, Repose, War
Subdomains: Blood, Daemons, Souls, Rage, Tactics, Undead
Favoured weapon: Naginata

Sacred Animal: Wolves
Symbol: A red demonic face with bleached white tusks
Centers of worship:

Fumeiyoshi is the Lord of Envy. Originally, he was the god of night and brother of the moon god Tsukiyo, Fumeiyoshi grew jealous of Shizuru’s love for Tsukiyo and slew his brother in a fit of rage. When Shizuru returned Tsukiyo to life, she stripped Fumeiyoshi of his position and banished him to her brother’s grave, decreeing that he would always envy his betters, as the restless dead do the living. Fumeiyoshi is considered the patron of oni and the undead, and of those paladins and samurai who have been dishonored or have fallen from grace.

In lands where the dead are buried, people often make sacrifices to Fumeiyoshi as the god of graves to placate him into leaving deceased loved ones where they are laid to rest, lest they rise again as undead horrors. Fumeiyoshi has many forms, but most often manifests as a nearly skeletal humanoid with three eyes, jagged tusks, and twisted claws.


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