General Susumu

LE God of Archery, Horses, Glory to the Self and War

Domains: Evil, Glory, Law, Nobility, War
Subdomains: Blood, Devils, Heroism, Honour, Leadership, Tactics
Favoured weapon: Longbow

Sacred Animal: Horses
Symbol: A black, winged horse
Centers of worship:

General Susumu, the Black Daimyo, is the half-brother of Empress Shizuru, and the patron of those samurai more focused on war and glory than honour and heroism. Widely worshiped in Dankai and the southern provinces of Ryoushima and northern provinces of Kuroi, he is the god of archery, horsemanship, and war. General Susumu leads a great army of samurai and warriors who died gloriously in battle, and has been known to appear at great conflicts, sometimes merely watching, and other times joining in for the sheer joy of fighting.

In his humanoid form, General Susumu has red skin and great bristling eyebrows and wears ornate black o-yoroi armor. He rides a black winged horse into battle and carries an iron longbow that shoots arrows of fire. When his anger is truly roused, he appears as an immense crimson dragon with eyes of fire and obsidian tusks.

General Susumu

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