Hei Feng

CN God of the Seas, Storms, Thunder and Wind

Domains: Air, Chaos, Destruction, Water, Weather
Subdomains: Catastrophe, Clouds, Oceans, Proteans, Storms, Wind
Favoured weapon: Nine-ringed broadsword

Sacred Animal: Crows and ravens
Symbol: A black storm cloud from which a pale golden lightning bolt strikes down
Centers of worship: All tengu homesteads, including Karasu, Harabasa, Araak, Krararak, Kuwugara and the Blackwing City.

Hei Feng is the god of storms, wind, and the sea. Called the Duke of Thunder, Hei Feng is a deity of both the rain that makes crops grow and of the storms that destroy entire villages. He is god of the winds and currents that safely carry ships from one port to another and of the gales that drive ships off course and sink them to the bottom of the sea. The gentle tide that laps against the shore is under Hei Feng’s purview, as is the tsunami that devastates the coastline.

Farmers pray to Hei Feng for rain, and sailors make offerings to him for safe journeys. Hei Feng is the patron of the tengu race, and appears as a powerful tengu with smoking black
feathers. He wields a nine-ring broadsword whose blade dances with lightning, and whose clashing rings create the thunder. Hei Feng is always accompanied by four divine servants known as the Counts of Wind, Rain, Thunder, and Lightning, who ride storm clouds through the sky to carry out their master’s bidding.

It is, by tengu deliverance, these four Counts that fought off the dangers of the Akumasaikai and who carried their people to the craggy peaks of the Karangetang mountain.

Hei Feng

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