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The Search for Takeshi’s Castle

Just when you think you settled into a life of routine, you got the local mob breathing down your neck. Three friends jump ship (one even without the other two!) and find themselves a lucky break in a temporary assignment for the local warlord of the region.

Kouta, Shiro, Jo and Goku take off from Kaishu town under the watchful eyes of the veteran known as Daro. Travels abound fraught with danger would eventually have them together at the military center of power of the Masked Warlord, the mysterious Nishi. It is there that Kouta and Shiro say goodbye to the humble but brave rice farmers they traveled with.

On their travels towards the trading post of Tu’an, the three conquer a brigand’s camp with an honest to the gods blue oni within its perimeter, and took their share of loot and rice with them to the trading post. There, Commander Rono bid them welcome and thanked them excessively for their support in rice, intending to pay the men back during their service.

Ronno and his secondaries Shoon and Tennen have a particular task, however, for the bunch of southern roughnecks. They intend to have Daro lead a field trip into the eastern portion of the wilderness surrounding Tu’an, and set up a military outpost.

Daro and his men are not alone, however. Shiro’s eye for people had them take along a rather colourful bunch of soldiers and craftsmen. Kansuke, the old guardsman and capable carpenter; Mihara and Subaru, the veteran soldiers that long to do more; Kado, Tagaki and Ichiyo, the humble young sons of farmers with a drive to prove themselves; Naoto, a farmer’s daughter with a steady spear-arm; Yukiko, a herbalist trained in the healing arts; and finally Chie, a white-haired woman so big and red she might as well be an oni (or half one, and someone is blind as a one-eyed bat).

Fifteen men and women set out to set up a prime spotted location up on a hill overlooking the meandering isles and dryland in the swamps. How will their outpost fair? Pretty poorly, if rampant yokai can lure Kouta from his fellows, yammering about his ‘lost horse.’

Daro and Shiro must journey on in the lands, for something wicked is brewing within the swamps. They pressed onwards, finding Daisuke within the swamps. A seeker of the lost knowledge of the Count Takeshi and his dire castle, he is taken along for safety in numbers by Daro on the search for the source of an evil light – and Daisuke has fresh, thinking bodies that may aid him in his dark quest.

But what happens on their journeys, these unlikely fellows? Find out next time, on Dragon Brawl G.

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