LN God of History, Knowledge, Martial Arts and Perfection of the Self.

Domains: Healing, Knowledge, Law, Runes, Strength
Subdomains: Inevitability, Language, Memory, Resolve, Restoration, Thought
Favoured weapon: Unarmed strikes

Sacred Animal: Ox
Symbol: A blue, open hand inside of a lighter blue circle
Centers of worship:

Irori was a Vudrani man who achieved absolute physical and mental perfection and thus ascended to godhood. Known as the Enlightened One on Daisokoku, Irori is the god
of history, knowledge, and inner strength. He is a tolerant deity, respectful of other faiths, and his worshipers practice this tolerance themselves.

Many of Irori’s followers are monks who seek to follow his path to ultimate self-perfection through meditation, physical exercise, and unarmed combat. Sages and scholars venerate Irori as well. Irori is rarely depicted in art, as his faithful believe no mere image can capture their god’s perfection. If he is, it is usually in the shape of a blue, nondescript humanoid shape.


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