Lao Shu Po

NE Goddess of Night, Rats and Thieves

Domains: Animals, Darkness, Evil, Luck, Trickery
Subdomains: Curses, Demons, Fur, Loss, Night, Thievery
Favoured weapon: Dagger

Sacred Animal: Rats
Symbol: A curled and emaciated rat lying on top of a disc
Centers of worship:

Lao Shu Po, Old Rat Woman, Old Mother Rat, was not always a goddess. Once, long ago, she was simply a rat, skulking in the shadows. When Fumeiyoshi killed his brother Tsukiyo, Lao Shu Po crept into the moon god’s grave to feed on Tsukiyo’s corpse. She absorbed some of Tsukiyo’s divine power, such that when Tsukiyo was returned to life and Fumeiyoshi was banished from the heavens, she was able to steal the portfolio of night from Fumeiyoshi, becoming the goddess of night, thieves, and rats.

Lao Shu Po is the patron of thieves and of shadowy creatures skulking in the undergrowths of the isles. Wayang pray to her to hide their activities in the dark of night. Lao Shu Po appears as an old hag or as an immense, bloated, six-legged rat.

Lao Shu Po

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