CE Goddess of Earthquakes, Fire, Plagues and Suffering

Domains: Chaos, Destruction, Evil, Fire, Plants
Subdomains: Ash, Catastrophe, Decay, Demons, Rage, Smoke
Favoured weapon: Warhammer

Sacred Animal: Seagull
Symbol: A flame leaping from a crack in the earth
Centers of worship:

Lady Nanbyo is the goddess of calamities and the destruction and torment left in their wake. Even tsunamis and volcanic eruptions (usually the work of Hei Feng and Yamato no Tsumi, respectively) are typically blamed on Lady Nanbyo, for she eagerly adds her own torments to such catastrophes and delights in the pain and suffering that follow in their wake. At the same time, however, people pray to Lady Nanbyo to spare them during such times of upheaval.

Called the Widow of Suffering, Lady Nanbyo has been married many times, but all of her husbands have met terrible and tragic ends. While Lady Nanbyo can appear as a seductive woman when she wishes, her true form is said to be that of a ravenous, firebreathing sea serpent with dozens of legs.


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