NG Goddess of Art, Beauty, Love and Music

Domains: Air, Charm, Good, Luck, Protection
Subdomains: Agathion, Clouds, Defense, Fate, Love, Purity
Favoured weapon: Glaive

Sacred Animal: Nightingale
Symbol: A songbird with trailing long, rainbow-coloured tailfeathers
Centers of worship:

Shi-Ling is the embodiment of love and art, beauty and music. Called the Lady of Chrysanthemus in Daisokoku, Shi-Ling is the patron of actors, geisha, and other entertainers, as well as of poets, writers, painters, and other artists. Her inspiration can be seen in a perfectly sublime haiku, an exquisitely displayed flower arrangement, or a flawlessly performed tea ceremony.

Shi-Ling teaches that beauty comes from within and that love should not be solely carnal. She is frequently exasperated with Kofusachi and his more licentious attitudes toward love, but the two remain close friends. In art, Shi-Ling is presented as a beautiful human woman of varying ethnicity.


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