NE God of Hunger, the Hunt, Hunters, Survival and Victory

Domains: Animals, Evil, Strength, War
Subdomains: Blood, Fear, Ferocity, Fur, Resolve, Traps
Favoured weapon: Claws, Gauntlets

Sacred Animal: Tiger
Symbol: A leaping, maddened orange tiger
Centers of worship:

Tiger is the spirit of the hunt, the hungry spirit, the feaster, and is the primary deity of the elves of the Marble Straits after Desuna. It is not so much worshipped, but emulated in its ferocity and efficiency. Tiger was once merely a hungry spirit, but seemed to feed on the calls for the elves’ hunts to succeed. Tiger was taciturn, devouring some of those that called upon favour, but granting others its mercy – mostly because it would be full by then. By now, Tiger is in all respects a god. A mindless animal simply out to feast and feed, but a god all the same, stalking the material planes before it slinks off into the divine realms to recouperate.

Worshippers of Tiger seek to emulate the merciless hunting beast, either outwitting prey with traps and archery, or by sheer ferocity. Because Tiger has not much of a creed beyond its hunger driving it on, its worship is lax and open to interpretation by many cults and elven tribes. In Daisokoku, Tiger is a boogeyman, its name cursed when a person dies to a tiger attack.

Imagery of Tiger is plentiful within the Marble Straits. Tiger is usually depicted as a giant, maddened tiger, but the elves tend to embellish the hungry beast: it is given six legs rather than four, or given a mane of many, many snarling tiger heads. No person has seen Tiger in many years, however. One would shudder to think if the elves’ beliefs shaped the beast upon the material world.

Among the subdomains that are granted by Tiger is Traps. This is a subdomain to Artifice, but worshippers of Tiger gain no access to Artifice. Instead, they may adjust the granted domain spells of any domain to those granted by Traps. At second level, snare; at third level, improve trap; at seventh level, teleport trap. Additionally, rangers may choose a replacement power, see link.


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