LG God of Jade, the Moon and Spirits

Domains: Darkness, Good, Law, Madness, Repose
Subdomains: Ancestors, Archons, Insanity, Moon, Night, Souls
Favoured weapon: Longspear

Sacred Animal: Hares and rabbits
Symbol: A jade crescent moon, upon which with gold inlaid are moon images in the various phases of the moon.
Centers of worship:

Tsukiyo is the brother of Fumeiyoshi, the god of envy, and lover of the sun goddess Shizuru. Called the Prince of the Moon, Tsukiyo was slain by his jealous brother, and it is said that Shizuru’s tears, mingled with Tsukiyo’s blood, formed the first stones of jade, which remains sacred to the moon god’s faith. Tsukiyo was returnes d to life by Shizuru, and upon his rebirth, he acquired the portfolio of spirits. He is seen as the patron of those who died and returned to life. His shrines can often be found attached to larger temples to Shizuru.

Tsukiyo appears as a strapping man dressed in fine, jade-green robes, pale but living, kindly but usually looking weary.


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