LE God of Harsh Justice, Murder and Punishment

Domains: Artifice, Death, Evil, Law, Trickery
Subdomains: Constructs, Deception, Devils, Murder, Toil, Undead
Favoured weapon: Shuriken

Sacred Animal: Spiders
Symbol: A shuriken dripping with blood.
Centers of worship:

Yaezhing is the god of murder and death. But as the Minister of Blood to Empress Shizeru, he is also the punisher of the gods, the enforcer of divine justice. His dual roles sometimes conflict with one another, as when Yaezhing had to carry out Shizuru’s punishment against Fumeiyoshi, who had murdered his brother Tsukiyo. This duality is also reflected in Yaezhing’s temples, where his priests are often contracted to mete out punishments for convicted criminals, but are also available for murder for hire. Yaezhing is the patron of ninja and assassins, but he is also worshiped by executioners, judges, and those constables for whom inflicting punishment is more important than determining guilt or meting out justice.

He appears as a shadowy humanoid figure swathed in darkness. His head is that of a tiger with spider eyes dotting his forehead.


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