Yamato no Tsumi

N God of Mountains, Volcanoes and Winter

Domains: Earth, Fire, Protection, Strength, Water
Subdomains: Ash, Caves, Defense, Ice, Resolve, Smoke
Favoured weapon: Tetsubo

Sacred Animal: Rams
Symbol: A snow-capped volcano, erupting
Centers of worship:

Yamato no Tsumi is the god of mountains, volcanoes, and winter. Every snow-capped mountain peak is a temple to him, and every volcanic eruption a sign of his wrath. Yet Yamato no Tsumi is also a god of renewal, for his winter snows feed the rivers running through green valleys, and ash from his volcanoes fertilizes the fields of farmers. Ascetic mountain monks, or yamabushi, make up a majority of his faithful, but people from pretty much all walks of life pray to Yamato no Tsumi to avert his wrath when the first winds of winter blow, or the nearby volcano belches smoke.

Yamato no Tsumi appears as a giant man with ice for skin, lava for hair and for his beard, and two pairs of ram’s horns crest upon his head.

Yamato no Tsumi

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